Frequently Asked Question


  • Is there an annual renewal fee

    There is an annual renewal fee of $69.00.

  • Where do we book Airline Tickets and do we get paid commissions on them?

    You can book Airline tickets anywhere you would like, please note that the airlines have not paid a commission for many years. However in your Agents Back Office we do have a Special Booking Engine that pays us a 3% Commission on a limited amount of flights.

  • How does K&E Travel Communicate with us?

    We are in constant contact with our Independent Agents via e-mail. We have a system set up to send out many different kinds of communications with the Agents. So you would want to pay special attention to those announcements. The e-mail could be a special rate announcement from a vendor, or a Bonus Commission, or most importantly, a training call with one of our Valued Vendors that will teach you something new and exciting in the World of Travel.

  • Why do you need my S.S. number?

    Since we will be paying you commissions, we will be issuing you a 1099 at the end of the year for all commissions earned.

  • Do we get any discounts as agents on Airline Tickets?

    No, unfortunately the airlines have cut back on any discounts for airline tickets. You could still possibly get upgrades though.

  • Can I pay by Check for my Airline tickets or tours and cruises?

    No, all travel must be paid for by Credit Card. K&E Travel does not issue any Airline Tickets from our office, you must do those on-line and follow the on line booking instructions. Whenever a reservation is made with a Tour or Cruise Line, we must have clear funds, so no personal checks are ever accepted. You will be charged on your credit card by the actual vendor, not KE Travel or if there is enough time you can pay by cashiers check or money order for cruise and tours only.

  • Are there any forms that must be sent to KE Travel prior to an airline ticket or tour/cruise documents being sent?

    Yes, on travel requests for cruises, tours and vacation packages, we require a form that is a credit card authorization form to be faxed to us prior to us confirming a reservation. That form is in the agents only section of your website and is there for you to make copies of.

  • Are there any fees for Tours or Cruises?

    No, not at this time.

  • How do we book Cruises or Tours?

    There is a section on your website for you to look for cruises, tours and vacation packages, you can e-mail us directly from that site or there are forms in your agents only section for you to either e-mail to us or for you to fax in to KE Travel. These forms must be filled out and then a Travel specialist in our main office will do the research and contact you directly.

    Once you find what you want to book, you may call the vendor directly and give them all of the info necessary to identify that K&E Travel is the booking Travel Agency (i.e. IATA number or phone number). You would then send us a commission request form from your Agents Only section so we can track your commissions.

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